Aircraft Interiors Association

About AIA

Aircraft Interiors Association is dedicated to joining together the efforts of the leading players in the market of aircraft refurbishment and aviation components manufacture.

The Association aims to create a prestigious organization, which has a high degree of reliability and professionalism, influences the scientific and technical progress development in aircraft interiors sector.

The Association mission is to maximize the effective participation in the program “Russian Civil Aircraft development”.


  • Establish and develop business contacts among the Association members, public authorities representatives and other organizations
  • consolidate the efforts and coordinate members activities aimed at the aircraft interiors sector development in Russia and CIS
  • develop, support and implement the programs and activities aimed at the civil aviation development in Russia and CIS
  • assist to the companies and public authorities of Russia in public policy shaping and implementation of state programs in the civil aviation industry
  • develop and implement high quality standards in aircraft interiors, components and equipment production
  • develop and introduce high performance, science-driven technologies and materials

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